Pros and cons of Power Point Presentations in content marketing.


Some people ignore Power Point Presentations in content marketing giving preference to texts. They do it in vain because presentations on web sites can bring heaps of benefits and give opportunities to be different. Let’s have a look at presentations from content marketing side. 


Presentations on websites at least look attractive, unusual, and your strategic goal is to make it informative and remarkable inside. It’s not a secret that a picture can tell more than words.  Scott Schwertly says:

 Take advantage of the opportunity to tell a visually engaging story rather than defaulting to the written word every time.

As Scott Schwertly writes, presentations are amazing if you have a story to tell.  See a nice example. I would add – if you want to evoke emotions and touch feelings. Show your audience colorful and vivid pictures and match it with laconic text and you will get a wonderful result! See another example.

The combination of pictures and text gives a better chance to focus on main ideas and details you want to highlight. Your presentation can be easily uploaded via service SlideShare or SlideBoom. And of course you can share it with your audience and friends via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). It’s worth to mention that you can measure your success – total views, traffic sources, comments, shares. And even more – using Brainshark Analitics you can track how long people viewed your presentation and where they dropped off and much more.


A presentation is not the best way if you need to post news or upload something immediately. Making a high quality presentation takes time. It should have logically built structure, suitable and remarkable pictures and thoroughly thought text. In some cases you may want to use designer services to do a part of this job or you can use these tips and these recommendations. Give it a try and you will see rewarding results!


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