Why to use video in Social Media Marketing.


Video is one of the most important components of Social Media Marketing. The recent research shows interesting outcomes that are presented in the report “Social Referrals That Matter” by Shareholic. In this study Shareholic looked at the data they collected from reaching 250 million users who visited 200,000+ websites. And the results showed that YouTube is an absolute champion in driving the most engaged traffic, and it also has the lowest bounce rate and longest visit duration. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with monthly users more that 1 billion and 4 billion video views per day. Of course it doesn’t mean that we can forget about video from Facebook, Google+, Vimeo, Instagram and other social networks that can give you valuable referrals.

Instagram is the most growing social network nowadays it was designed for uploading and editing by digital filters photos and short videos. One of the main benefits is that Instagram does connect to other social networks such as Facebook, and that makes it easy to share with your target audience. You can find more about it in my previous post.

Vimeo is good for hosting your valuable video content. About 250 000 websites use Vimeo to share videos. The benefit is that you can upload and share longer and high quality videos such as informercials and product tutorials. It also allows you to get advanced tracking and statistics and high search engine visibility.* The other thing is that this service is not free but for many businesses it’s definitely worth doing.

By 2017 video traffic will be 67% of all consumer web traffic.* Video in Social Media campaigns will bring your many benefits, and if you haven’t tried it yet, do it as soon as possible and you will see rewarding results.

And finally here is a funny video for you to watch and share.

* Social Marketing Writing


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