Google Adwords now works for small local business that don’t have a website.



Google Adwords is a powerful online marketing tool that can help businesses to get traffic on their websites and get new customers. The problem is that many small local businesses, such as clothes alterations, private plumbers and home based kindergartens can’t use Google Adwords because most of them don’t have a website where to send traffic. This type of online marketing was closed for them.

I think there is no need to write much about what Google Adwords is and how it works; and its benefits. And now there is good news for small local companies – Google Adwords Express. With Adwords Express it is easy now to advertise on Google and reach local customers even without having a website. All you have to do is create a Google+ Local Page for your business and start sending your customers there. Using Adwords Express is very easy – you don’t need to worry about key words, the system automatically manages where and when your ads appear. All you need to do is select a business category, create an ad and set your budget. At the same time you can manage your campaign – pause or stop it anytime you want, or change text. You can sing up for Adwords Express here.


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