How to improve your Social Media Performance


 A social media logotypeThere are lots of different ways how to make social media marketing more effective for a business. First of all it’s good to have a clear plan – a social media marketing strategy, where you will set the goals you want to achieve and the steps how to get there. Without a plan it is often a waste of money. Before creating an effective marketing strategy you have to know what your target audience look like, so make a research on that before. Writing a working plan is half of success, how to work on a plan you can read here.

Interesting and relevant content, that people like and share with their friends, is vital for social media marketing. A text should always go with an image. There are many sources where you can legally get free visual content for your social media activities.  Just to mention a few of them: Dreams Time, Free Images, Free Range, Morgue File. To read more about where to get free pictures go here. Video content is very important, so don’t forget to include it in your social media strategy. About video you can read in my previous post.

Did you know that there are heaps of different software tools to help you manage your social media presence? Many of them are free and easy to use. One of the most popular is Hootsuite. This is an effective and useful social media management tool that allows you to manage different social media from one place, schedule tweets and messages, analyze traffic in social media, and track mentions of your brand in social media. You can choose to use a free option, which is limited in opportunities, or upgrade to paid plans.

Tweetdeck is a valuable and hassle-free tool for active Twitter users. You can manage multiple accounts, update your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn simultaneously. It helps in real time tracking, organizing and engagement.

For those who regularly do blogging on Wondpress All In One SEO Pack is an essential tool. It’s a plug-in that optimizes your posts for search engine rankings and allows you to specify page title, description and keywords for each blog post.

Review on social medial marketing tool can be found for example here and here.


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