Hi all and thanks for reading my blog!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Julia.


Why I have chosen Digital Marketing.

I think that going digital is absolutely a ‘must do thing’ for any company that wants to grow, progress and build a powerful brand. I have extensive experience in traditional marketing, advertising and B2B sales – TV, radio, newspapers, events organizing, sponsorship and etc. And I just noticed that it’s definitely not enough. Marketing is getting more and more a person orientated and digital tools allow to get better and measurable results in reaching people. Undoubtedly the share of sales, generated online, is constantly increasing, and especially using mobile. That’s why my focus at the moment is  online marketing.

My professional values and aims.

I am a dedicated person, and I would love to work with people who are passionate about what they do. It’s important to me to constantly learn something new and raise my professional level. I believe that there are better results if people work together in a team and share their skills and experience.  And this kind of person I am.

At the moment my focus is Online Marketing, and my aim is to learn it deeply and practice my skills. With a special interest in SEO, Social Media, Analytics and E-commerce, I would like to make a career in these areas.



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