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How to improve your Social Media Performance


 A social media logotypeThere are lots of different ways how to make social media marketing more effective for a business. First of all it’s good to have a clear plan – a social media marketing strategy, where you will set the goals you want to achieve and the steps how to get there. Read the rest of this entry


How to measure your website effectiveness with Google Analytics.



Google Analytics is a “must have” thing if you want to monitor users’ behavior and make your website work effective. Once you install Google Analytics to your website, it starts collecting data and you can analyze it in reports. All reports include 2 types of data – dimensions and metrics. Read the rest of this entry

 Why to use video in Social Media Marketing.


Video is one of the most important components of Social Media Marketing. The recent research shows interesting outcomes that are presented in the report “Social Referrals That Matter” by Shareholic. In this study Shareholic looked at the data they collected from reaching 250 million users who visited 200,000+ websites. And the results showed that  Read the rest of this entry